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Request a Community Vaccination and Testing Clinic

  • Coronavirus
  • Current: Request a Community Vaccination and Testing Clinic

The Indiana Department of Health (IDOH), local health departments, vaccine providers, and community partners are working together to provide local communities opportunities to provide mobile clinics for vaccination, testing, and support services, for COVID-19 and more. Community events increase access to the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, COVID-19 testing, other vaccinations, and more. Once your request has been received, you’ll be contacted by the Indiana Department of Health Local Emergency Operations Section to arrange the details and the potential mobile clinic.

Roles and responsibilities

There are many roles that you, as a partner organization, can play to make a community vaccination and testing event a success. Below are some of those potential roles:

  • Do outreach and community engagement to make sure people come to the event.
  • Provide a building/rooms (especially important for inclement weather or temperature concerns) or a large parking area for the clinic operation.
  • Provide or arrange transportation to/from the event.
  • Help people register for the event.
  • Provide translation and interpretation for the event.
  • Provide volunteers to help plan the event, set up the space, welcome people to the event, direct the flow of the event, and clean up after the event.
  • Provide tables chairs, signage, and/or internet connection for the event.

Interested in hosting an event in your community?

Community Vaccination and Testing Event Request Form

Completing this form lets IDOH know of your interest, but it does not guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request. Priority will be given to events that aim to serve under-resourced communities, as identified using the CDC/ATSDR Social Vulnerability Index.

Step-by-step guide to promote your event

Thank you for doing your part to end this pandemic by hosting a vaccination and testing event. Letting people know about your event and getting them to come to it are of the foundations of a successful event. This guide may help you do both things. Remember and trust that you know your neighbors and community best; use this guide as you see fit to help reach them.

Step 1 - Finalize plans
Step 2 - Identify ways to communicate
Step 3 - Create your message(s)
Step 4 - Set and share communication goals
Step 5 - Get the word out
Step 6 - Analyze and revise
Step 7 - Keep the energy flowing
Step 8 - Post-vaccine communication

Messaging examples and Social Media

Here are some suggested messaging topics:

  • Getting vaccinated is safe and it works.
  • Getting vaccinated protects you and your loved ones.
  • Getting vaccinated lets us get back to the things we love and the people we miss.
  • Getting vaccinated can end this pandemic.
  • Vaccination is our best chance to end this pandemic and get back to normal.
  • Read a full list of COVID-19 Vaccine Key Messages.

Sample text to include with graphic:

  1. What are you waiting for?
    Get your COVID-19 vaccine today!
    Walk in to [organization] from [time] to [time].
    No appointment necessary.
  2. We have a mobile clinic in our community this week.
    Visit [organization] from [time] to [time] and get your #COVID19 shot today.
  3. You can visit [organization] right now to get your #COVID19 shot.
    No appointment required. No insurance required.
    Must be 12+.
    The clinic is only around this week, so make sure you’re taking advantage of this opportunity.

Flyers and templates

Additional outreach ideas

  • Mail postcards to residents.
  • Offer vaccination information at community events (partner with healthcare providers).
  • Social media campaign:
    • Partner with key influencers on a coordinated social media effort.
    • Paid social media.
  • Promote the benefits of vaccination at community centers/events; places of worship; retail centers; restaurants; and other places people gather.
  • Partner with community organizations to staff phone banks and canvass neighborhoods.
  • Partner with popular restaurants, eateries, or bars to offer free items or other incentives to get vaccinated.
  • Encourage already vaccinated community members to be a vaccine advocate. Use the resources at to help you text, email, or call residents about coming to a vaccine event. Additional vaccine information handouts and fact sheets are also available.